Sunday, June 13, 2010

Nothing to see here. No creativity, just Zombies and Prettys.

Look at my gorgeous Gorgeous GORGEOUS iPad. (modelled by my gorgeous husband who let me buy one for myself first! (Don't cry for him, he will order his today!)
I ordered it so long ago! but it finally arrived on Tuesday!
It is magnificent!
It is consuming my attention by the bucketload! I just love to touch it!
I play. I play a lot!
Plantz Vs Zombies mostly. Sometimes some Godfinger.
I had to buy it a new micro-fibre cloth, screen protector film, a silicone cover and a padded STM bag because I'm terrified of dropping, scratching or dirtying it! I also have had no time to sew this week or else I would have made it a comfy bright home:)
I did purchase some craft apps for the iPad. One that I particularly like, and will recommend for a beginner Crocheter like myself! is HandiCraft
By Technical Made Easy. It's full of Quilting, Knitting, Crochet and Embroidery instructions which are beautifully displayed on the iPad. There's over 150 patterns, heaps of video instructions and other content. This week on my iPad, I've used it for quickly watching the crochet stitch videos, as lately because I'm working full time again, I'm working on things in tiny spurts, and I'm so tired I get halfway through doing something and I've forgotten what stitch is what!!
Once I get my creative groove back, I'll be definitely using this more! It saves heaps of time looking up videos on YouTube. If you are a beginner it is definitely worth the AU$5.99. ($4.99 on the US App store) just to have it right there in one place in front of you on the lounge:)

Working, although tiring, physically and mentally draining, has it's perks! The main perk is Payday! With two incomes coming in this fortnight, Payday allowed us to buy a brand new washer and dryer.
I wanted a condenser dryer.
Yesterday I waited all day, waiting for them to deliver. I wished they would come, I watched the clock, I watched out the window, for, every noise sounded like a truck!
Come on I said! I want the pretty, white, clean, shiny, new appliances that wont wake the neighbours if used at night, wont cost us a fortune in random repairs, wet all over the floor, turn the laundry into a steam room, cause mildew on the ceiling (ewww), dance across the laundry, shake the walls, or knock the tiles off...(all of which has happened in the past few months) and I want the brochures promise of a timer for warm fluffy towels upon awaking in the morning.
If only it could make tea and toast...
Husband pulled out the old machine, only to find a leaking tap, requiring a trip to Bunnings and a delay to installing the prettys! The old tap was so very rusted on, he promptly broke his finger in the process! Bruised swollen, battered and hurty, but like a trooper he kept on going until finally...
And then we had to pull them apart and re-do some travel bolts and install some plastic bit on the underneath of the dryer. UNDERNEATH! Nice install instructions Electrolux! It mentions this extra part to be installed, inside the booklet that is stuck to the inside the drum of the machine, sealed in plastic and NOT on the quick start install instructions that were stuck to the outside of the machine!
Don't look at the old towel between the washer and dryer, they didn't have a stacking kit in stock, one's on order, we just have to wait for it to come in.
Not having had a front loader before, we were too scared to try to use our existing Biozet, so husband ran out and bought some front loader Biozet just in case!
More delay, more delay!
Finally I could use it! WOW, more delay, more delay! I have to read a manual to operate it!
AND...Not having had a washing machine with a glass door before,  awww I sat and watched it for hours. It does fancy things like turning in different directions and uses the most insanely small amount of does it do that!? Apparently, according to my husband, I squealed a little when it first started spinning at 1250rpm, I'm not entirely sure but I believe him when he says I was mesmerised, because I was somewhere between bliss and astonishment. Today I am still in awe! Each time I walk past it I smile, each time it beeps to tell me it's done I jump up immediately, where as before, hmm washing may have been forgotten, for a while, hmmm.
It's Bliss!
The condenser dryer in comparison to our old vented one, is astonishingly not steamy! It's all dry heat that it pumps out. It's magical! They are both so very quiet, non-steamy and non-intrusive, we can now just keep the laundry door open and it helps to heat the rest of the house instead of the laundry always being sealed off and antarctic like, or steam-room like.
Like a Crazy woman, I woke up early on a Sunday and leaped out of bed and did a whole stack of washing before the broken finger was even out of bed. Towels, bedding, clothing, table clothes. I've run out of things to wash!
Husband catches me standing in the kitchen staring into the laundry at them all day today and keeps laughing at me and shaking his head. I feel bad he has broken his finger in order to install them. I think, I'll make him a nice cup of tea, maybe a cake or some biscuits...Then he says..."Now you are a real housewife babe". I believe my look said "oh, yes husband, you'd better run"- he took off fast! I think he's still running. (actually he's at Bunnings doing man things and buying man things) Don't ask. Don't tell.
Have a lovely day off on Monday everyone in Australia. If I can break myself away from my iPad and Washer and Dryer, I'm going to do some sewing tomorrow!