Friday, August 19, 2011

A time for everything? Really?

The next two study periods at uni are textiles subjects, so i am hoping so much that I might be able to sew again soon. Mostly though, I have written essays and made some prints in my printmaking subject.

Sadly, and to my own detriment I have done no sewing since February really - how depressing!

I have a further confession. Spotlight here, moved from it's old location into a new -big- mega warehouse space, and I have not even had the pleasure of walking into it yet - devastated!

I have done a bit of crochet here and there, nothing finished, some went very wrong and needs re-doing.

At the moment I am working on a little, retro-inspired yellow, cotton, summer, baby cardigan, with bee buttons. I'm hoping I can make the sleeves correctly, because the last time i made this pattern in a blue and white, thicker yarn, the sleeves came out quite a lot narrower than the shaped space for them, I have no idea what happened!
This time I am going to check it bit by bit and not just follow the pattern!

Theres still a lot to do, the sleeves, the neck band and front border for the buttons.
I hope you are all having way more sewing/crochet/knitting time than I am. So now I will go and catch up with all your lovely blogs before i go back to my art history essay!!