Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Angels For the Forgotten

I'm coming out of my self imposed -[No Sewing until my uni work is done mode] .

The reason is i came across this appeal today and I cannot imagine sitting here typing up my essay about self indulgent fashion icons for my uni assignment while rattling around in my head how I feel for any kids in this situation.

Just imagine being removed from your house with nothing but the clothes on your back. AND we all know what horrific or devastating conditions must have existed for a child to be taken out of their home in the first place.

Angels for the Forgotten do wonderful work. During the floods they were a God-send here.

So I'm setting aside uni work to sew as much as I can for them this week.
I ask you, please help them! Blog about them, link to their challenge, and I know we are all so busy, but I also know you can achieve sewing miracles so I urge you to make anything you can manage from their list even if it's just 1 or 2 thats 1 or 2 closer to their goals:

Angels for the forgotten have listed their 2012 challenge goals, they need:

2500 Angel bags 
1200 Angel blankies 
1200 crayon /pencil rolls 
1000 heart or angel dangels /tags 

For patterns and more information about what they need and to see where the local drop off point near you might be:

Visit Angels for the Forgotten's Angel Bag Sewing Challenge