Thursday, May 9, 2013

We make! umm I make!

With beginning my 3rd year of uni sapping absolutely all my time and energy!! I really wanted to find some time to do some sewing this year. Lot's of friends are having babies and theres the charity sewing I miss doing and some clothes I'd like to make and well I've missed sewing so very much!
So, for the rest of this year I am going to *try* to set aside 1 day a week to sew. I think it will be better for me to do something other than uni work, even though its art and I do love it too, some times it is just too much!
So to kick off my new resolve -I bought some books to spark my interest.  I will be making something from these books over the next little while.

Storybook Toys has some gorgeous dolls and puppets that I would love to make. I am especially enamoured with the hand embroidered faces, just gorgeous, really looking forward to it!

We Make Dolls has some quirky and fun little toys and is a combination of lots of different doll makers with different styles so I'm very very much looking forward to getting stuck into this book and making, well everything in there! The only thing I can see thats a little disappointing is that some of them say "make your own template" and don't provide the pattern piece..for the head and the ears! Thats really actually quite shitty! Especially since its the dog on the cover.

Really, I'll be back with some sewing, promise! ;)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

I'd love to sew but...

I'd really love to be sewing right now but, my sewing space has been overtaken by paint and uni stuff.
This used to be my sewing table...oh the humanity!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Softies For Mirabel 2012

Dear Softies that I made for Softies for Mirabel, your making entertained me for weeks on my break from uni, I hope you reached the safe hands of Pip and Meet Me At Mikes before continuing on to some wonderful little kids.
There were cats.

There were bears.
A legion of frogs.
And some dolls

Ha! I tweeted, I flickr'd and I Sent them off in the mail and I promptly forgot to blog them. I really need some completion-of-tasks-without-distraction lessons!