Friday, February 24, 2012

Shibori & Indigo Dyeing

Part of what I was doing all last study period, was Some Shibori & Indigo Dyeing. It was a lengthy process but I enjoyed it a whole lot! Some samples were really successful, others could have done with a bit longer in the dye I think.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Molas & Maps

My My My haven't I been an absent Blogger!
I've been off doing 3 textiles subjects and loving every second of it!
Heres some of the stuff I've been doing.
We had to make maps of a site, this is the duck and geese feeding area at the local lagoon
Machine Stich on cotton
This is the whole lagoon the zig zag is the streets and bridges
Machine stitch on layers of paper
This is a paper mola map of the ground. Layers of paper stapled together then you cut away sections to reveal beneath.
Construction paper & pen.

This is a Mola, you stick all the layers down and cut out layers to expose the fabric beneath. It is a map of what I saw on the ground at the lagoon the half different colours represent a different time of the day, different light.
Machine stitch on many layers of sheers and twill, cotton and synthetics
I will post more of my work, the fabric dyeing and embroidery and so on once I catch my breathe again :)
I hope you are all very well!