Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My new best friend is...

Meet Clover! (yes I name everything). She's so purdy...and useful too. We have a certain kind of love, a close tie, a tie that binds. hahaha

I've spent an entire extremely rainy Sunday playing with Clover making pastel rainbow binding...I made lot's! and...Lot's! My friend Clover listened to all my problems and we got very steamy together over a hot iron while reminiscing, (not so fondly) about how I used to hand turn binding while burning my fingers on the iron.
Now that I know about Binder makers...Now that I know how awesome my friend Clover is...I never have to cry over the extremely exorbitant prices of the boringly plain coloured bias binding in the shop. Now I walk through fabric stores eyeing off awesome patterned fabrics for binding...Now my fabric stash is on false move stash and you will become binding!
I don't know why I had never known of binding makers before...I now know that everyone else in sewing world uses them *g*.
Welcome (late) to the binding party ME!

And this is a sneak peak of what I will be using the binding on over the next few days. They are baby cross over tied tops and matching pants. I noticed the preemies in hospitals had these style of tied on gowns (albeit harsh hospital gown fabric ink stamped with the hospital linen services names) for ease of getting to and changing tubes and wires and equipment and nappies and clothes etc. So, I had a quick look at the ugly hospital ones, the cross over tops are made the same way as my own sized, $80 one I bought last year! sheesh! So I made up my own baby sized pattern to make some for my sisters twins now that they are home, but in several sizes for when they grow. Even though they no longer have all the tubes, the changing and dressing of two babies would take up some time each day. Hopefully these will do the trick, as dressing and undressing the bubs should be easier if you don't have to hold them upwards and drag things over their heads? These cross over tie tops can be layed out under the bub and then they tie up with two bows made out of the binding, one inside the top one outside the top. They are longer than usual for when the bubs are younger they can be used on their own, and as the bubs grow can be used with the pants more like PJ's or lounging around clothes. The pants are relaxed comfy pull up elastic waist pants with a contrasting band at the bottom, usually to match the binding on the top. I have used 100% cotton fabrics because it breathes, withstands a bit of rough play and ummm washes out well. Now I am also working on making some for the Vietnam Orphans, to be sent down to the Edwards family early next week, along with some school exercise books for the older kids and some other stuff... so I'd best get a move on!
A heartfelt Thank you to everyones Sewing and Crafting blogs - this is where the internet excels - the internet is for sharing knowledge. I am still in wonderment (and I'm and I.T. teacher...haha!) that we can all share ideas, pics, video, laughter and tears with people across the globe, from our lounge rooms and sewing rooms. I would not have learnt 1/2 of what I now know about sewing and crafting if it weren't for other people generously sharing their failures, successes, triumphs and journeys. And, crafty/sewing people are the most generous of all with the sharing!
In the interests of fostering my love of "the internet is for sharing knowledge"...I am in the process of making up a free tutorial and printable PDF pattern for what I've been making. It's just a matter of translating my butchers paper hand drawn out pattern into electronic drawn pattern pieces no bigger than A4 size. And then translating the process of stitching them up into words, diagrams and photos. Yikes! Should be done by the end of the weekend. - I hope..stay tuned.

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