Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A New Year Promise for Peace

I know, I know it's a month into the New Year already BUT yesterday was the start of the New School Year, and my husbands school and the school I teach in the most as a casual placed this on their website and I couldn't help but want to take it's message onto my shoulders and spread it around:

I Promise:
To respect myself and others.
To communicate honestly and positively.
To listen carefully to the other, especially to those with whom I disagree.
To forgive others and to apologise and make amends when I hurt another.
To respect God’s creation and treat the environment and all living things with respect and care.
To pursue healthy activities and entertainment which promote a more joyful and less violent society.
To act courageously and to challenge violence in all its forms whenever I encounter it.
And to stand with others who are treated unfairly, even if it means standing alone.

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  1. I like that very much! I'm going to get it put into our school newsletter (I do the newsletter so it should be easy!) Thanks for sharing and I'll do my bit of spreading the word.


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