Monday, November 28, 2011

Things I have been working on lately

I suppose it's a little bit like cheating showing you my uni assignments and no actual unencumbered sewing projects ;) ;) But since Uni is taking up 100% of my time these days, I will show you anyhow.
Dad made Mum a cup of tea
She struggled to get to the table, she was so weak, but she wanted to sit at the table.
When she was done, Dad wouldn't wash the cup over the days she was in hospital.  He wanted to look at that cup and see her lipstick then he could pretend  she was still in the house, and not in hospital dying.

I made these using free motion stitching on the sewing machine and lots of coloured thread. I used two different colour thread each part, one for the top thread and another bottom thread, changing the tensions altered the colour of the thread stitches and gave variations for shadow, light and variation.

It was an assignment for uni. It was to tell a story using a cup. My cup narrative was called one last cup of tea. It was a personal story of Mum's last day in her house, drinking her last cup of tea in her own space before she went off to hospital. 
I Loved doing this work so much I didn't want to stop!
I wish I could work out how to not bunch up the fabric,(Please someone tell me!!) sometimes it got very bunchy, other times not so much!
Mola (Reverse Applique) representing Mums Garden.
Mola (Reverse Applique Work representing Mums Sewing,  Dresses, tops, skirts, shorts,  and the yellow swimmers.


  1. Oh WOW! They are amazing and such a moving story!
    Did you try "tear away" stabiliser underneath the fabric - it's paper like and pulls away easily as the needle and stitches tear it, or even baking paper just adds a bit of stability and pulls off afterwards.

  2. Hi Quilary, I used some interfacing and freezer sheet, thats what the lady at spotlight said to use. I'll definitely try some of the tear away stabiliser for one of the next projects thats coming up!

  3. Wow - your free motion sewing is out of this world fantastic. So brilliant. You are so clever.


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