Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Missing Photos

OK, so recently the service storing all my photos has disappeared forever, so I know there are images missing all over the place on the blog.
I'm attempting to fix them up. Hopefully it'll look better soon.
It's my fault I had plenty of warning to move them over, I just missed a whole heap of images!! So some are working fine, some are missing. I'll go over old blog posts and add the pics back in but I can only do one or two at a time.

In other news, I'm really angry a UK sewing magazine subscription purchased til December (my christmas pressie the past few years) hasn't sent me the past 3 magazines, has gone bankrupt and been bought by another company, changed it's name and still I havent received a new mag!

I'd been planning to not renew the subscription again anyway because the magazine had turned to absolute rubbish, pages and pages and pages of advertising and very little interesting content.

I think i'll just buy books on Amazon rather than bother with magazine subscriptions in future.

I can't end on a good note, the past couple of weeks have just been awful. Uni work is out of control. Much bad news in our family in many ways effecting many people and nothing I can talk about. Just one of those periods of time you wish you'd never answered the phone and weren't told and could live in a blissful ignorance bubble instead.

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