Thursday, November 26, 2009

My favourite book - for the moment ;)

This Softies book I found mentioned on just about every softies maker/creators website. So, I sent dutiful  husband out one day to buy it for me! You can find details out about it here:
I found it full of incredibly cute, cuddly and a little unusual, but more importantly it gave me heaps of ideas to kick off on. It's a great beginners book too, with hints and and tips and a glossary to explain. A wonderful book to teach your kids how to create.
My one and only criticism is more my personal feelings about all book based patterns, and that is..who has time to sit there and enlarge patterns! especially in random intervals of 150, 130, 200 % etc. I'd much rather be stitching away my time! Poor dutiful husband was tasked with photocopy enlarging the patterns at work - I'm sure his work mates didn't look at him too strangely!
The Softies book is from 2007 (I Highly recommend it!) but they also have a newer 2008 book called More Softies - my next book purchase. :)