Tuesday, April 20, 2010

For goodness sake just finish it!

I just decided it's....For goodness sake just finish it day.
I have put down my crochet hook for today.
I am getting off the net.
I am picking up my basket of unfinished sewing items (they no longer fit in a nice box they have taken over a whole laundry basket as well.)
I am marching purposefully into the sewing room for the first time in ages.
I am going to reacquaint myself with my sewing machines.
I will like it.

End of the day UFO Update:

I MADE A MAISEY I started cutting out Maisey for the March Challenge in the 12 Months 12 sewing challenges, and when Mum went into hospital, Maisey went into the overflowing UFO basket and I got her finished today. It's not March, but she's so cute you have to forgive us!

March Challenge done, in April...crossed off the list!

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  1. Maisie is exceedingly cute and well worth finishing! I've been on a bit of a UFO bender too. Here is a link to a 'project plan' that got me seriously looking at my collection.


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