Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lost my ability to sew

With everything thats happened in the past month or so, I've lost my ability to sew!

The very last thing I made, back in August was this sock monkey.
It was from a little book I bought while on holiday on the coast during the last school holidays. It's called Sock and Glove by Miyako Kanamori.
I know that theres thousands of variations and free instructions and so on on the net for making sock monkeys and all kinds of other sock creatures. While picking up essentials, I just was browsing in the bookstore at Bateman's Bay and giggled at it's pictures and story, I read it to my husband all the way along the coast road back to our accommodation. It is so very cute!
I made my first sock monkey ever! It was for my cousin's baby Taliyah, for her first Birthday.
As with all 1yr olds, the wrap was far more exciting than the present!
Then of course she cuddled all her toys at once.
And she looked pretty pleased with herself! So we think she liked the sock monkey.
She took it in the next day to visit great-grandma in hospital. Great-grandma loved it!
My cousin Kathleen, who is 21yrs old loved her niece Taliyah's sock monkey so much she grabbed it and wouldn't let it go. The sock monkey was finally returned to it's rightful owner, when Great-grandma grabbed it and and gave it back to a very grateful baby!
Today I am determined to kick-start my sewing again with a little project. I am going to make my cousin Kathleen a sock monkey. As most of it is hand sewing, I intend to find a nice comfy place on the lounge in front of the heater and stitch away.

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