Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Start off the week with freshly rained on grass and clean sky

Sometimes it helps to leave town for even a couple of days just to sweep out the cobwebs!
We didn't drive far, just 30 minutes out of town to camp at Wantabadgery on the banks of the very same river that runs straight past our suburb in town. It's the Murrumbidgee river.

I'd been out there once or twice as a kid to swim, but would never have thought or remembered to go there now! My husbands aunts, uncle and cousins from Sydney found it and came down to camp a while, so we joined them out there for a few days.
Our tent finally got an airing after a year or two in exile to the hall cupboard.
The campsite itself has no fresh water, BYO. A nice chilly walk to the long drop toilets! Oh my. (lucky they even had these really)
No shower, oh dear! But on the overwhelming plus side!
Happy hour each evening! Fruity wine and nibbles. Oh yeah!
Nice, yummy, comfort food - prepared and shared family meals cooked on a smokey wood fire and plenty of male-foke to tend it.
Birds, clean air, trees, everything freshly rained on before we we got there and green!

Cows mooing, and a bull calling out to his ladies each morning! Lazy mornings sitting around drinking coffee and flipping pancakes. Even the Paterson's curse is forgiven for its invasiveness because it looks so pretty.
Thousands of stars, falling stars, weird stars (no thats a plane), with hot choc and marshmallows over the fire along with campfire stories you would never tell at home.
A scarf that got crocheted start to finish on the banks of the river while others were out in a canoe.
Garry's cousins, two very nice, pleasant, chatty, polite teenage boys! Is this a miracle!!? It was wasn't it! They were lovely!
So, this is what 5 hours in a canoe does to you.
So now we return to town full of fresh air and a hell of a lot calmer than before we left and with a new scarf to wear on the cooler mornings.
*long relaxed sigh*

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