Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mouse Tony

 Yesterday I made a purple mouse using the Patchwork Mouse pattern from issue 20 of Sew Hip magazine.
I don't usually buy magazines, but I bought one for reading back when Mum first went into hospital and I haven't been able to stop buying them each month since!
The instructions were really clear and really the hardest thing I had to do was to choose fabric I liked.
Of course that didn't stop me from making a mistake. I scanned in the pattern (So as not to trash the original) and printed out the bits I wanted, only to have printed one page out at 90% and all the others at 100% which led to this small problem.
So, I chopped a little bit off him so he is a tad shorter than he was supposed to be... ooops! But he "Turned out" ok eventually...hahaha get it!
After that, Tony and I needed a little break from each other.
So while he relaxed, I got to work on stuffing another Maisey I had cut out and started months ago. She's also decided to join the toys I've made for Mirabel.
And now back to Mouse Tony.
I changed him a little from the magazine, instead of using a string for his tail I used a strip of fabric folded in twice and stitched with a knot in the end.
I love to give them all names, but this time I just couldn't think of one, so my husband called him Tony!
Mouse Tony.
Is it just me or does Mouse Tony sound like he runs the Mouse Mafia?

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  1. Tony looks too cute to have anything to do with the mafia. He's a prosperous businessman with his argyle sweater on his way to his important job at the cheese factory.


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