Thursday, October 28, 2010

So, I've come to confess and repent

So this morning I went into my sewing room, I tried to sew, but instead, I just looked at it.
I had a thousand excuses about keeping what i was using close by because I keep needing it. But really in all honesty, it's really quite difficult to work around such mess, not to mention, where the heck is that...comes out of my mouth quite often.
It is also counter-productive because it MAKES you feel like you don't really want to be in there, even when you really do want to be sewing.
and if it's really bad, like when heaps of things come from someone else's house, into yours, then your husband can't come in to sit and keep you company while you sew. (theres a futon under there)
And things start becoming unfinished objects, in multiple boxes, and tubs, and buckets, and shelves. I don't even know/remember whats really in there.
So, today is the day week. I'm not going to stop until it's all cleaned up and everything has a place, that's my goal.

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