Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A prayer for QLD

From the safety of hundreds of kilometres away, we have wept for the loss of life and utter devastation in the state of QLD. The stories, news reports, pictures and video coming from those regions are truly devastating. With sadness in our hearts, our prayers tonight are for those who have died, some of whom were mums and young children caught in cars, and entire families washed away in their houses, still missing. I am praying also for those that are tonight evacuated. As I type, thousands more people are being evacuated and many areas are facing unprecedented damage and devastating loss as more rain falls and the flood waters rise to levels that are beyond belief. I pray for the SES workers, defence personnel, medical staff and all the volunteers assisting, saving and caring for the victims. God bless you.

In the coming days I will be preparing some items for auction to help raise a little bit of money for the Flood appeal.
I hope you will all get involved too.


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