Monday, January 24, 2011

SOFTIES Auction and a doll for Hope Softies for kids - QLD Flood

I've been making a doll to send to the lovely Steph at mon petit poppet who organised a softie drive to help ease the suffering of the little ones who's lives have been turned upside down by the QLD floods. With so many families having had their houses and all their stuff destroyed and living in shelters or other temporary accommodations, kids are really going to be doing it tough. I can't imagine dealing with any of this at their age, most of us adults can't believe the devastation we watched on tv.

This is the doll I made.
I have not named her,
She can whisper her real name to her new friend when they meet together in QLD.
She's very good at listening, cuddling and whispering. She likes twirling.
She's all wrapped up ready to be on her way to the lovely Steph at mon petit poppet.

Quick Reminder today is the FINAL DAY for the auctions to raise money for the QLD flood appeal.

These are the 5 Softies of mine being auctioned off, Have a look and bid please! All the money goes directly to the QLD flood appeal and they really do need every cent to help lots of people cope with and clean up from a disaster of this magnitude.


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