Sunday, January 17, 2010

A bit more organised

The drawers are all together, in their final location and filled to the brim with Fabric. To aid in knowing what's in each draw, I sewed up some calico tags and used the sewing machines alphabet to label them. I then pinned them through holes drilled into the plastic draw handles (thanks drill wielding husband). I still have one large plastic storage box of fabric under the desk, but it's all such a huge improvement on the room already.

We also managed to pack away the Christmas tree. Bye Bye Christmas! It's only the 16th January this all time record.
Still I feel bad for our poor tree, it's looking sadder every year. Might be time for a new one next Christmas and some new home made decorations. Theres a year long bit-by-bit project I think.

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  1. AHA! and today I found the perfect motivation for a year long bit-by-bit project to revamp the tree!
    It's a lovely stitch along organised by FOSAL:
    it's a 12 in 12 style challenge. 12 ornaments in 12 months. I missed January, but I can make the february one if I get my stitching fingers in gear!


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