Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So my mum cut out some pants at some time, we think it was fairly recently in history because of where they were located, though one can never really tell. They will fit my niece right now, so they were a lucky find!

They are pretty uneventful pants, they were already cut out. All I did was overlock and sew them up, blind hemmed them, shoved some elastic in, and Voila! pants. They took all of one episode of  a Seinfeld  rerun and an episode of Stargate Atlantis to finish off. I even managed to clean and oil the overlocker and sewing machine and rethread both during that time too.
So you say, why am I showing you the uneventful pants, well it's because of the fabric. I am totally in love with the fabric and because there was no more of it located at mums, not even scraps from cutting out, I thought I should show someone who may recognise it.

It's a chocolate brown with lilac dragonflies and red, yellow and white tulips within a lilac circle. If anyone knows/has this fabric, even if it is in a different colour I'd dearly love to get more of it. Please let me know!

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