Monday, January 25, 2010

Blue polka dot frilly dress

We made my little 4 year old niece the yellow t-shirt and skirt for last week and today we made a new dress.  We made it from some vintage 80's polka dot my mum still had in her cupboard and at the last minute decided it should be a raa raa skirt (extremely 80's!) I didn't have a pattern so I used the T-shirt pattern from the yellow T-shirt and made it longer, cut two strips off the bottom of the long t-shirt and then cut 3 frills. I gathered them on the overlocker, but it just wouldn't gather properly! grr! I eventually gathered them using a long stitch on the sewing machine and pulling it - old style. Better than hand gathering, but i cannot for the life of me work  out why the overlocker wont gather. I know I've done it before, and I used the settings from the manual.(double grrr!)

Anyway at the last minute I decided it needed something and I made a fabric flower using a tutorial from Wise Craft Fabric Flowers The button is vintage from my mums button jar.

I think it looks pretty cute!

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