Friday, January 22, 2010

Made some stuff

Well after a bit of a hard week trying to sew but not really getting into it, I made a little skirt and t-shirt for my little niece. The skirt was made using pieces of this beautiful print fabric that someone had cut into pants sometime in the 80's for some kid who probably had an enormous bulging nappy butt and skinny legs. I'd liken them to that weird jodhpur fashion trend all that time ago..hope that one never returns! They just looked so wrong even in their unsewn condition (I'd assume thats why they were still in the bottom of a plastic bag hidden away all this time) and the fabric was so pretty I didn't want it to be wasted.
Mum at various points in time, had given me all this vintage lace and ribbon and trims, some of it on original cardboard reels, priced using "the old money" before Australia went decimal currency!!(1966) Theres also a tonne of little bits of trims and lace, not big enough to do any large projects with. So, here's what I made:

The skirt is made of 8 panels. Each panel has a Ribbon Bow of either Blue, yellow, Green or White to tie in with the flower colours in the fabric and 2 pieces of trim, either lace, ric-rac braid or other trim. I put the trim in random places on each panel but in pairs together. The skirt is slightly elastic at the waist to get a bit more wear out of it.

I made the T-Shirt out of some yellow ribbed stretch. I used the stretch double needle on the hem and around the neck and a narrow rolled overlock hem on the sleeves. I edged the pocket with a fabric scrap leftover from the skirt. There's a couple of things I'm not happy with. The neck and the pocket in particular just doesn't sit right, I think the pocket is also a little big. But... on the most part I think it looks cute.

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