Friday, November 12, 2010

Welcome to forgetfulville, population I forgot...

Sometimes I'm in a focussed rush of typing and blogging and pressing publish in moments, other times the post sits for days half done and i change it fifty times before i hit publish.
In my haste the other day to finally hit publish on a post that had been sitting there half done for several days, cursor blinking at me, goading me - I forgot to upload pics of the doll clothes I was talking about, thanks to a comment from Hilary over at Quilary for reminding me the pics weren't actually on the post.
Lucky they weren't deleted because I could have sworn I uploaded them to iphoto already, but hadn't! here they are, finally off the camera today.
Undies and head scarf. Undies from scraps of 80's knit fabric left over from a t-shirt mum once made me. Head scarf from a scrap of taffeta lining, I hemmed it using an embroidered daisy stitch from the machine and used some bias binding I had made that was leftover from another project. All fabrics from mum originally.
A collared crop top using some left over striped poplin that originally was on the back of the shelves in my sewing room.. I used a band of this for the elastic casing on the skirt. The floral is from mum, it was a small remnant of unknown light-weight synthetic fabric. You can also see her shoes, white felt, with an olive green rose bow attached.
A t-shirt made from scraps of 80's knit fabric left over from a t-shirt mum once made me. Shorts made from some heavy weight fabric, a bit like denim, but chunkier weave. Another scrap piece from mums house, I used it originally to make myself a backpack in the early 90's while I was still at school. the backpack was so heavy in itself, it wasn't much good for carrying things but it was handy for storing a sleeping bag that lost it's bag. I still have it somewhere.
Dress and bag. The orange fabric was a left over rom when Mum had made kitchen curtains that were in our house throughout the 70's-80's. Mum had always thought she would make the left over square into a matching tablecloth, but with the growth in the size of the family, they bought a bigger table, and the square wasn't big enough for the new table. I had used this fabric earlier this year to make some clothes for the Vietnam orphans, this is the last piece left, except for some bias I had made. The bag is a small piece of white striped fabric also from mum, lined with the orange which is also used for the straps.

Here is a bit closer look at the dress. The lace on it even came from mum, just enough left on a card for this dress. So did the white hair ribbons, already cut into appropriate lengths with the ends neatly trimmed into points, I wonder what she was going to use them for...

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  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her clothes - I want a little shift and handbag just like that! Thanks for showing her beautiful wardrobe to us.


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