Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Whoops I almost missed it Giveaway!!

Whoops I missed it! I'm a little late, but thats not unusual;) I knew it was sometime around now, but last night I actually checked and...
One year and a few hours ago I started this little blog.
To celebrate I believe it is customary to give stuff away!

GIVEAWAY! -closed 4/11/10 drawing @ 3pm
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Check back here next Saturday to see if you have won.
Bag Giveaway!!!
I sewed these up late last night and finished them off this morning so that I could give something away in celebration of a year.
One fairly large shopping bag and a matching little zippy pouch.
Zippy pouch with strap and Vintage Metal zipper
The jeans zip I used for the zippy pouch is vintage, it was unused and still in it's cardboard wrapper.
I have lined them both in a newly purchased navy blue poplin and used a scrap of ricrac I had left over, but other than that they are vintage, vintage vintage!

I have no idea exactly how vintage this paisley fabric is. But at best guess I do recall in the 70's Mum had made 3 large cushions from it. The bag and pouch are made from the unused fabric left over from making those cushions. Mum made the cushions for the back seat of the ancient Holden which had blue vinyl seats. The seats got superheated in summer and I remember if your leg slipped off the edge of the cushion the vinyl seat burned!! Now I look at it I cannot imagine this fabric going too well with an azure blue vinyl, car interior but, well there ya go! I love it's colours! and it's vintageness screams out to me and I wish there was more of it!


  1. Congratulations Bianca - a year of blogging under your belt! Mighty fine effort there. I just loooove that WILD paisley - I thought I had some wild ones in my stash - but that BEATS the lot of them!!!
    Oh yeah and I follow you.

  2. You are listed in my 'blissful blogs' blogroll (and in reader too).

  3. Congratulations, love your bag!
    greetings from France

  4. congrats on reaching a year of blogging - here's to many more years of sharing to come!! I enjoy catching up on your sewing adventures on google reader and will try to find a few mins to add a post in my blog about your giveaway. oh and I just LOVE the 70s vibe of the bag - takes me back to my childhood.

  5. Hello, me again! I've justed added your blog to my blog list on my blog.... which has made me notice that it has been ages since I blogged! I really really must get on again soon :-)

  6. Hi Bianca; that's a great bag. I'm now following your blog!

  7. Am I too late?
    Loving the paisley vintage fabric. Yummo.
    ... and I am now following you :)


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