Thursday, December 9, 2010

Another sleepless night!

First let me say, we're all safe. YAY! But I'm so tired I'm a walking zombie! & Sorry if this post is photo heavy. Half the time my eyes can't believe what they are seeing let alone try to describe it in words!

Some residents are a little more comfortable than others...
We saw them from the road they were thrashing around in the water under tree branches.
I was concerned for their welfare, but just after I took this they bellowed loudly & charged at me !
Taken on Tuesday 7th before last nights torrential rains
Yup, that's the river, way, way over there. Normally you can't even see the river - it's definitely not meant to be all the way over here!
This is not a lake, it's normally a grassy paddock!
A close up across the new "lake"
I can't imagine even what the cost of re-fencing all these areas around here will cost.
Unfortunately it's not just water, it's debris and rubbish floating around, submerged objects and snakes.
We are also seeing (finding some in our house) - spider, ant, locust, bug and mosquito as they look for dry land!
See there is a road under there!
So those photos above were before last nights additional rain.
Dad's in hospital having his hip replacement done, he's high and dry on the hill, we were up there and saw the winds whip rain into the side of the hospital on the 2nd floor...we decided we'd better get on home.
Lucky we did, because just after we got home our street turned into a river...
This is only after the first 16mm of rain. We ended up getting more than 68mm through the night.
And just to see how fickle the weather is, this is mid-storm.
This morning the street was filled with water still, but has now gone down to gutter level and the middle of the street is clear. Our shadecloth has been ripped down and will need to be replaced before my plants get scorched. Everything is slowly drying out.

We were lucky...Wagga is battered and bruised. The main street flooded with rain water and trees down everywhere - some streets evacuated, roads and suburbs closed off, power out.
It's been a bad night.

Theres heaps of photos on the internet of last nights/this mornings flash floods, we didn't take any after dark or this morning, mostly because i was scared and didn't feel it was safe and I didn't want to be out in it.

Upriver they have had even more rain than us, which means the dams will spill and the rivers and creeks will send it all into the river again - it's all headed down to us again we are back on flood watch. (were we ever not on flood watch this month)
Last night was hellish and I was too worried to sleep, I had a small nap this morning once Garry got to work safely, but i'm mostly too exhausted and too agitated to sleep for long. AND the news helicopters keep flying very low and loud over here.

The sun is taunts us now! And here comes yet another helicoptor I'll go and do some crochet I think and calm down.

Pray for the water to not come down here! We've quite frankly had enough!

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  1. Thanks for the update - are you in Wagga? Have friends that had demage to there home in Oct out at the Rock and now in Dec her shop (in Baylis st) is under, the poor things. Stay safe.


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