Thursday, December 2, 2010

My creative space

My creative space this week is all about the ruffles.
After some initial but short-lived joy at being finished the ruffles, I realised I had sewn them to the side piece not the back!!! I seriously hate making little mistakes..and this was a BIG one!
No unpicking's too much!
So...back to the cutting out new ruffles and new side pieces, which required some extra fabric to be purchased.
Finally made it onto the rest of the dress...
and then to the other
One is stripey, stripey spot, spot spot.
And the other is spotty, spotty, stripe stripe stripe.
I've got spotties and stripes and holly hobbies, elastics, casings, straps and ties, unders and overs and ruffles galore (and uppers and downers! I feel a little Dr Zeuss.
It's been an epic battle, 9 days now! Today with a little luck and no more mistakes!! I hope to be finished the Feliz  Felizes  Felizi Feliz' Felizeses dresses and finally on to other christmas gifts!
Hopefully my sister, but most importantly the twins will love their dresses.

For more creative spaces pop on over to Kootoyoo for the last My creative space for the year! I know! what will we do with our thursdays now!

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  1. I'm just about to make another Feliz, such a wonderful pattern. I love your ruffles!!

  2. oh no... i can imagine your frustration once the mistake was discovered. the dresses look awesome though :) i'm sure the twins will love them!

  3. I would have thrown it in a heap in exasperation!

    They look great & I'm sure the girls will love them.

  4. Oh my! I am loving all your ruffles. So very very delightful... and your fabric choices are brilliant. Loving it all round. YAY!

  5. So frustrating to make big mistakes!! It looks like the end result will be worth it but perhaps you won't want to look at ruffles for a while after this.
    Hope all that water hasn't reached your place, it's one extreme to the other.


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