Monday, December 13, 2010

Imke & some shorts

Well I'm in the middle of the Christmas Crazy!
I am attempting to now make 12 more presents in under 11 days and prepare and then cook for 17 people on the day.

Imke hoodie and some long shorts - For my nephew. (Size 10 so he can grow into them.)
Last night I stayed up late to finish One Imke hoodie from the book Sewing Clothes Kids Love for my nephew. I had cut it out earlier, so at least that part was already done. One thing I am not happy about with this books patterns, (and myself for not realising) under the section earlier in the book about cutting out it does say the patterns do not have seam allowances. Sheesh! why on earth wouldn't you include seam allowances in a pattern, what is the reason not to!
Then I decided it was a bit plain. I liked the way the book had shown the girls imke with different panels under the arms, but it was curved for girlie shaping. There was pic in the book for a boys imke with panels, but no pattern. I cut two strips from the tartan fabric i had used for the lining of the hood, and shaped them under the arm using the pattern. I overlocked and turned under the straight edge, and sewed the curved edge into the seam allowance for the sleeve and sides. I really like how it turned out.
At around about 2am for some unknown reason, it seemed like a good idea to make some shorts to go with the hoodie. I pulled out Simplicity easy to sew pattern 7043.
Photo linked to from eCrator
and cut the leg length off as long shorts from the basic pants pattern.
I stitched in a loop of the tartan into the seam so he can hang something off it if he needs or not  (whatever kids do these days;) it was mostly just to add some colour to that side of the pants.
I've also changed the pocket cutting out one in tartan one in black and stitching the tartan inside the pocket to the leg and then the black actual pocket over the top. I put a loop of tartan on the velcro to pull open the pocket, instead of the twill tape the pattern suggested.
I had to unpick the pocket a couple of times which just got me all irked up! It's still not quite right :/
BUT I finished them!
Finally I crawled into bed at 4:30am! The absolute worst thing about it is that as a result today I'm cranky, I'm tired and I'm making mistakes! So I've decided to not sew today (Monday), but to cut out shapes for my next 3 presents for my sisters twins and my cousins bub. Surely I can't go wrong cutting out pentagons!

I miss my mum everyday but coming up to Christmas it's so much worse.

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