Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bag Giveaway drawn perhaps from inside the ark!

Over the past couple of days a massive storm front washed out the centre of town. The rain was so heavy at times you could not hear each other shouting in the same room! Storm water poured into my friends shop and into their storage room damaging all the stock and sadly, peoples christmas layby's. It also filled the carpark under the mall like a swimming pool up to the roof of some unfortunate peoples cars. It was one hell of a downpour! Down our end of town the street gutters backed up and water covered the road, but we were lucky!
Road near our house
Today however despite the sun being out in force, all the rain water has come on down the creeks and river and been released from dams.
Water is moving slowly towards us
We are in the midst of packing up our most precious belongings into plastic containers that we just had to run out to buy. The containers are being packed  "just-in-case" as the flooded river waters come ever so slowly but menacingly towards us.
Who can believe we were so recently in drought
Currently we are scheduled for a 9.6 metre major flood tomorrow, peaking at 10 metres on Monday morning. If the Levee's hold I think we will be OK but pray for no more rain though as I'm nervous about it enough! Our phone line is all crackly and unusable for calls today, so our internet is up and down, and not expected to get any better til this flooding is all over...with more rain over the next 10 days likely!
The north & east of town have been evacuated today with roads cut off and flooding to their houses imminent as they have no protection from the Levee banks it's not going to be good news for them and I am praying that they will all have the strength to get through this.
What a sucky thing to happen right before Christmas!
GIVEAWAY! - bag and zippy pouch and the winner is...
Comment number 4 which is
Clare !!!

Clare said...

congrats on reaching a year of blogging - here's to many more years of sharing to come!! I enjoy catching up on your sewing adventures on google reader and will try to find a few mins to add a post in my blog about your giveaway. oh and I just LOVE the 70s vibe of the bag - takes me back to my childhood.
Thanks everyone for your comments, To the lovely Clare, Paisley coming your way! 

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  1. Hi Bianca , sorry I can't email you , dodgy internet with all the rain . All the very best I hope you are ok ! Contact me if I can help , Clare .


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