Saturday, February 20, 2010

I can't work in these conditions - and other tales I tell myself

Well, 8 days to go until I need to have my top finished and displayed, and my sewing room is in a shambles! Ridiculously (and excitedly) we've decided to re-organise and build shelves for the sewing room in the middle of a million different other things we both should be doing instead! But, I was soooo excited last night I could not sleep!
Basically the sewing room was intended to be a spare room for our friends to stay when they come visit and a place for me to sew in my spare time. However, I've spent a heck of a lot more time in there of late and I've noticed it becoming a disorganised, depressing place to be...hmm the junk room, tidy up later room, cables everywhere, can't see the TV comfortably at any angle, can't find a place for it put it in the spare room room. It's very hard to feel creative sitting up next to the vacuum cleaner and the boxes that came with every computer and appliance that is still in warranty (and some that aren't).
When I was at uni studying a Visual Art degree I wandered into a second hand furniture store and bought this big ol' dining table that I used to paint, pastel and draw on. Candle wax dripped on it, an iron fell over on it,  an old metal cased PC got scrapped across it, I stood on it to put up posters, ink spilt on it, it's legs wiggled out of their really well made dowel barely survived uni in far worse shape than I did! I've dragged this table with me across 3 different states and many different house and flat moves, It's been a computer desk, a dining table, an art desk, a place to study, a writing desk, a platform for a clothes dryer, A place to create wedding invitations, cards, cut out fabric, put piles of fabric on, a book shelf. It's done everything! I couldn't bare to part with it, because it's my table and we have history! This time it is going into my dad's shed, it just takes up too much space in the sewing room. We live in a rented 2 bedroom unit where every wall is a dirty cream coloured (renting so I can't paint it), we sleep in the smaller room (because it doesn't get as hot in summer or as noisy because it's at the back) and the other bigger, hotter room is my sewing room. I've attempted to organise it many many times, but there's just a severe lack of wardrobes, cupboards and shelves, everything ends back out on the table top, on the horn cabinet on the chair, in fact everywhere! I wish I were neater, I wish I were one of those people with a place for everything, but seriously, most of my stuff has never had a place. It entered the home on a whim shopping expedition and ended up somewhere until it got shifted, and shifted and shifted each time I needed to do something where it was. It comes down to, do I have time to tidy everything or do I have time to sew, this weekend I force myself to tidy because, this is the plan we want to make:

So, to make this happen, this weekend/week's agenda...

  1. Build shelves and Paint shelves a nice fresh white
  2. line the back of shelves with bright colours of fabric
  3. Sort everything to free up space and see what we actually need
  4. throw, cull, giveaway to charity, de-clutter, sell.
  5. Fold & sort fabric then drawer it.
  6. Sort, container, jar and box all the lace, ribbon, buttons and bits and pieces.
  7. Scan in anything worth keeping from the years at uni and ditch the dodgy filing cabinets.
  8. Move all the furniture around so that the sewing room is a nice place to be.
  9. Put up/make some art and photos to make the sewing room a nice place to be.
  10. Make some cushions for the futon that match the fabric on the back of the shelves.
  11. Hook up the iron, camera charger, fan, sewing machine, overlocker, TV, the stereo and the old laptop in permanent non-cable across the room ways. 
  12. Do some sewing of my February item in a nice place!
This is our lunch on the first day progress:
Painting Painting and more painting..white paint makes you blind!

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