Friday, February 19, 2010

Progress - February Knit Challenge and eating

Why didn't I just make a T-shirt! So, lately I've been sewing (and unpicking) and sewing my top for the 2010 12 months 12 sewing challenges February Sewing with Knit challenge organised over there on My Favourite. I've also been checking out everyones entries for February on their blogs and on the Flickr group and they all look fantastic! I am totally frustrated with the pattern. Their explanations are just vague and the images didn't really help at all. It has some very weird "neck extension" and two facing pieces that made the whole back of the neck look like some kind of a crunkled down hoody. Surely that can't be right! I unpicked and pulled the the facing off and instead folded over and double stitched the neckline. Now it at least sits flat and nice on the back of the neck. However, my fairly new stretch twin needle started doing some odd things. It stitched along perfectly for a good while, then started missing a stitch here or there, until it got to here (see photo below) where it skipped a whole heap in a row and then kept going as normal...hmm what is wrong with you you cursed object!

Thinking it may be that one of the twin needles is blunt, (I don't know why one would go blunt while the other didn't) I purchased a new one yesterday. It was going along fabulously, until it too skipped a stitch! I decided to live with it...theres a couple of places it skipped a stitch then went on it's merry way.
Maybe there's another, real explanation about why it's skipping the stitches. If anyone has any ideas..please let me know!

In other news we're on a healthy eating - change your lifestyle plan, I'm currently making our dinners from this wonderful book our dietician recommended. It's called The 80/20 Diet written by Teresa Cutter who is a chef and personal trainer. So far I can throughly recommend the Stir-fried garlic and chilli king prawns, Lean chilli con carne and especially the Egyptian lamb salad. (Oh how I loved this Egyptian Lamb Salad.) You can buy the book from heaps of online bookstores but heres a link to it on Dymocks.

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