Friday, February 12, 2010

My progress for the 12 months 12 sewing challenges & the FOSAL.

A progress update on my items for the 2010 12 months 12 sewing challenges and the 2010 Festive Ornament SAL.
Between teaching days this week I've cut out my top and started cross stitching my first Festive Ornament.
This is the stretch fabric I chose for the top, it's plain as in it is 1 colour, but the colour is really pretty. I don't have anything else in my wardrobe of this colour (time for a change), but I do have a necklace that matches it perfectly. I hope it looks good once it's finished as I really want to wear it soon!
Once I had it all cut out I'd had enough of it for the one day and decided to start on my Festive Ornament instead while watching Big Bang theory repeats and ER.
I was only after a quick small ornament  to kick off, so, first I found a free pattern online at then I got cross stitching. Somewhere along the way I made some mistakes in the count but I don't seem to mind and it looks ok so far :)
It should be finished rather quickly I hope.
I did choose non traditional colours for this ornament because each Christmas we rotate between Silver and blue or Silver and purple or Silver and green ornaments on the tree. We rarely but once in a few Christmases do traditional red, gold ornaments too..just for a change. ;)
And now, Back to the stitchering.

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  1. The colour of your top is lovely. I love the non-traditional colours of your Christmas ornament. I've sent you an invite to FOSAL. If you don't get it, give me a yell.



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