Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Knitting to conceal the pain of I can't get to the sewing machine and we still have shelves in front of our TV.

So, I can't knit other than basic basic plain. I started a scarf...hmmm in 2004. It's pink and fluffy and makes me sneeze when I knit it. I found said scarf today in the linen cupboard (luckily not in the sewing room), to give me something to make while my lounge remains a construction/deconstruction site and the sewing room is in pieces and inaccessible..I can't even reach the sewing machine, but I can see it behind the Futon, just out of reach.
In our Lounge room sits the enormous beautiful storage shelves we made on the weekend and finished last night. If you can't see from the grainy camera phone pic, the fabric is Orange, Lilac, lime and blue with white spots and Orange, Lilac, lime and blue with white Stripes. I used two stripe panels of each colour one horizontal and one vertical and two each colour of the spots.

They looked exactly the way I wanted, just perfect! so perfect! Better than I hoped it would be.
However, how can something so perfect be so evil! They can not be encouraged into the spare room no matter what we do. After angling them five different ways from Sunday, the closest we came to actually thinking they might go in was when we  still needed an additional 1-2cm of bathroom doorway to swing the shelves around into the spare room doorway. They just wont go in! and a couple of tantrums later, we just went to bed defeated.
So, despite the fact I am typing this calmly, a moment ago I was heart breakingly pulling out nails with pliers in an attempt to deconstruct the shelves. They have to be completely pulled apart and moved into the sewing room piece by piece, then put back together again inside the room. It's a pity we did such a good job of it. The nails are really embedded and are really hard to jimmy out - and thats just the nails holding the MDF backing sheet on...the shelves are all dowel joins, once I get down to pulling those apart I believe I may cry!..Lord I just can't explain how depressing this feels to pull apart!
So here I am pulling out nails, knitting a row, pulling back a row or two to fix the knitting and silently wishing we'd just driven the 5 hrs to sydney Ikea.

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  1. Those shelves look fantastic! I hope they bring you happiness when they finally get into their new home. You'll be so organised you'll get much more done!


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