Saturday, May 1, 2010

April came and went!

Well April disappeared last night, but I did get quite a lot done this week!

On Wednesday I finished my April challenge, for the 12 months 12 Sewing challenges challenge.
Aprils challenge was something lined! Lined...Lined I said..and weeped..and had flashbacks to High school, when we were to make a lined bag for sunglasses...I sewed through my finger on the sewing machine, thread all the way through the nail and out the other side of the finger, along with the needle. We had to unscrew the needle from the machine, cut the thread and then have it removed from my finger. Then...when it all got turned out the right way, I realised the lining was sewed on the wrong way and the seams were visible instead of hidden. I fixed it up, after more tears and unpicking, and the teacher passed my job anyway, I think only because of the physical injury involved! LOL
This time around for the Challenge, I did not trust myself, and instead...I followed about 3 different tutorials for lined bags on the internet...they were pretty dreadful. They all seemed promising at the start, got halfway through and the train left the tracks. I didn't realise they left visible unfinished seams on the insides of the me that isn't lined, not properly anyway.
This was the outer fabric...I LOVED this fabric for years, I saw it in my mums cupboard and eyed it off every time we were working on something else, and then she gave me a bag full of scrap fabric one day, and in it was this! She had at one stage cut a jacket from it, but I never saw her wear it, and I don't know where it went! The left over fabric she gave me had the jacket pieces shapes cut out of it, hehehe.

Anyway, back to the Challenge...So after the 3 previous disaster bags, (I wont show you them, it's too traumatic) ;) I began yet another search for a tutorial and found Robyn's blog over at Additional Jesus. Finally, and I say finally, because I then had to re-cut the bag again (for the 4th time) luckily I had enough left over fabric or I would have been weeping!!
At this point I will show you my progress photos, more progress than I ever made with all the other tutorials...THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Additional Jesus!
I know, I know, it looks like the bag version of Frankensteins monster doesn't it!?
And then it got stuck and I got scared.
But then it just popped on out and at this point I got so excited that it worked - that I squealed!
And then I squealed some more!
It even has a handle!
And now my knitting has a lovely home:) And I am in bag LOOOOOVE.

I started and finished my April FOSAL entry last night:
I finished it just after midnight, so technically it didn't get finished until May 1st, was still April somewhere in the world right!?


  1. Congratulations!!! What a fabulous little bag. Good for you, it's lovely! :)

  2. B, i have sent you an email message re the apron, have you got it?

    Love the bag - you did a great job with it!

  3. I love the bag, it's gorgeous.
    Hmmm...I need one like that, and it has a ZIP in it, maybe I could make one like it for the May challenge.

  4. I love the bag, it's gorgeous.
    Hmmm...I need one like that, and it has a ZIP in it, maybe I could make one like it for the May challenge.

  5. Thanks everyone:)
    She's really done a great job on the tutorial :) I couldn't have made it otherwise:)

  6. April kinda short changed you too! I really love the bag you made and thanks for pointing the way to that may end up my May challenge!!!

  7. haha, you are too funny. I had a terrible time in home ec. I hated sewing so much that I swore if I learned it be by machine alone. Now, over 22 yrs later, I love sewing. Your bag turned out gorgeous. Send me an e-mail and I can help you with lining items easy. It's so much fun! I total missed April challenge (just found the 12 month challenge today), but congrats on finishing.

  8. hey mama, where is your follow button for your blog, so I can keep up with you? Great blog.

  9. Hi Crafty Squirrel and welcome to the 12 in 12 sewing challenges! I just put up a follow button now:)


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