Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Place & Yours

Although I have lurkingly checked out everyones blogs for the My Place & Yours game in the past, (you can read about it over there at Hello Owl), this is the first time I have decided to participate! This weeks theme is YELLOW.
I began this week eating a YELLOW cake. (I didn't know yellow was a theme at the time!)
Today however, I decided to really clean up the house before I photographed anything, however, YELLOW has been finding/following me everywhere.
First YELLOW was there in the kitchen when I needed to mop...
Then in the laundry when I needed to wash with YELLOW...
Then the deliveryman arrived at the door with a package of YELLOW Ebay'd goodness...
Then YELLOW watched me from high on top of the pantry while I began to make lunch...
Finally YELLOW Jaime (Oliver) and other assorted YELLOW sat here on my desk, next to me while I blogged about YELLOW...
But I got YELLOW back, I washed and hung YELLOW out to the YELLOW sunshine.

You too can look at more YELLOW and maybe participate in the  My Place & Yours game over there at Hello Owl

Psst P.S. hehehehe YELLOW disclaimers:
Actually my Mother in law is coming to visit soon, so as much as the curtains are washed today because they are YELLOW, it's really just because today's my day off and the house needs to be uber-clean before her arrival. Oh, and I may have allegedly chosen to omit the other pegs and knitting needles, that weren't YELLOW but I'm not admitting to anything ;)  Have a Lovely YELLOW rest of the week everyone!


  1. I laughed out loud reading your post. It almost sounds like yellow has been stalking you!!! But you turned the tables, and it's curtains for yellow...

  2. Welcome to the MPAY game. I think we have matching pot-holder and oven gloves!


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