Monday, May 10, 2010

Why you don't take husbands to Spotlight

Wow 10th of May already!
Just a quick post as we adults stayed up late...on a school night;) to see Webber win the Spanish GP, and now it's time to get to bed!
I got called into work most of last week and didn't get much done, but I did manage to finish my apron for the Great Apron Swap!!! It was so much fun to sew, I really loved it and enjoyed working on it.
I wont show pics until she has received it, but it will be in the post tomorrow and on it's way to my apron swap partner, the wonderful Fabiola over at Little Cooties .
I did start to finish off a few crochet UFO's, nothing completed yet.
Husband wandered through spotlight and found this today while I was looking at wool and patterns. Because he was being so silly with the sheep bags (I can't explain how publicly embarrassing and funny it was)....I just had to have them. There are two, a black and white fleecy one we named Shaun (from Wallace and Gromit) and this one...We named her Shirley (curly Shirley):
For some reason Shaun and Shirley were made from different materials, but by the same manufacturers. Shaun is fleecy like an old tracksuit and shirley is curly.
Shaun and Shirley are full of my currently not being used yarn and have been posed into all sorts of poses some of them not fit for family viewing...don't leave the room, when you come back they are different...husband humour! but heres a nice clean one of Shaun and Shirley:)

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