Monday, May 17, 2010

Baby it's cold outside!

Baby it's cold outside! I've been singing this song in my head in a never ending loop all weekend. I have no idea why, I think it's a good lifetime ago when I last even actually heard that song. And thanks to you tube I found out it's not actually sung by who I thought it was all this time!

Baby It's Cold Outside

Christine | MySpace Video

Anyway, we stayed inside all weekend near a heater and I sang that in my head! Husband is feeling sniffly after a week of putting up with me feeling sniffly so I baked a cake for my husband (I had to have a chance to bake wearing my new apron!) and because he almost never gets cakes or biscuits in our house, he really loved the idea.
Please note that in order to eat the cake we had to also have tea, proper tea apparently, in a pot. Which we did! and it was lovely, but by this stage getting later and later after dinner, I rushed to ice it. However, I maybe should have allowed the cake to cool for just a bit longer, as you clearly see the cakes top layer sliding off and hurtling towards my Home economics assignment from year 7. (1989) Yes my friends, cross stitch and flower embroidery on gingham. And just to prove the usefulness over the years of cross stitch on gingham, my mum uncovered this deep within her cupboards complete with a piece of school book paper pinned and stapled to the corner and written in pencil, my name, yr 7, 1989 assignment 1. With a big red A in a circle and the teachers signature, on the back once unfolded, some maths homework ripped out of my book.  I was apparently much better at cross stitching gingham than I was at maths as I am now horrified and embarrassed by my lack of yr 7 algebra skills found on the other side written like a dogs breakfast and would now like to humbly apologise to all my teachers.
The important thing to remember is, I made a great cake! It was a lemon delicious sponge type cake with lemon and coconut icing. And we all consumed enough sugar to give us all diabetes and keep us awake for hours!
Sunday was also suitably lovely, we began the day with my husband making pancakes!
Maybe I should bake him a cake more often if I get pancakes in return!

As for sewing, I ventured into the sewing room for a few hours over the weekend, just long enough to cut out all the pieces for the my next project, the KF everything Wallet.
It has an enclosed zip in it for my May item for the 12 in 12 sewing challenge. I'm using the leftover pieces of fabric from the Apron I made for Fabiola at Little Cooties for the The Great Apron Swap.

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