Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gorgeously buttery delicious apron to bake in

I've been participating in the Great Apron swap over at Red Gingham:

In the post this afternoon, arrived the package I knew, once opened, would make me squeal with delight!
And it did!
Thankyou Thankyou! Fabiola! A gorgeously buttery delicious apron to bake in, I LOVE it! and it makes me think of the smell of vanilla and baking and cupcakes with gorgeous icing. I put it on and swished around the lounge room for a while giggling.

I've made an apron for the fabulous Fabiola over at Little Cooties. She gave me a lovely choice of fabric and showed a sneak preview of the finished apron on her blog. Now that the apron I made for her is finished and in the mail on it's way to her, I'll post a little pic sneak-preview teaser. I hope you LOVE it Fabiola and that the apron gets to you soon.
Once Fabiola gets it I will post full photos of the apron I made for her.

And now, onto my Unfinished Objects. I finished one UFO today from my list of UFO's following the project plan I'm following, set out by MadebyK. Theres nothing special about these trackie dacks, Mum gave me the fabric and I cut them out while he was here in January and then they just sat there in the UFO basket. Today, I contemplated cutting out some contrasting print and making sections or patches, pockets and the elastic casing out of the print, but then I remembered why they were sitting there all this time...and why they are UFO's. I didn't make them fancy pants or cool they are just blue and fluffy warm for my nephew to play in over winter and they are finished.
Tonight or Tomorrow I need to finish another UFO in order to begin my next project, (I need to finish two UFO's first before I take on any new project)
My next project is the May item for the 12 in 12 sewing challenge, an enclosed zip. I want to make the KF everything Wallet which has a zip in it. I'm quite scared about making this correctly, so I want to get it started this week to give me plenty of time to work it out when it goes horribly wrong. ;)


  1. oooohhhhhhhh!!!!!!! I love it already!!!! I love the colours, and I think I will have to make something with lavendar sugar in it to celebrate the apron when it gets to Melbourne!
    thanks so much Bianca, I'm waiting for the postman to come so I can accost him! :)

    Am soooo glad you like the apron I sent you :) Love that you swirled in it and squealed with delight. Now, onto the baking!! :)

  2. The package arrived today Bianca!! THANK YOU!!! it is a wonderful and beautiful apron. I have posted about it on my blog :)

  3. Oh wow what a lovely apron! I'm so glad you two hit it off and managed to make each other such wonderful aprons. Enjoy your new friendship and the kitchen work a bit more.


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