Friday, December 18, 2009

Attempts at a handmade Christmas...mostly!

Well this year, I decided to make Christmas Presents. In recent times I had made some things for Mirabel that turned out well, I'd bought a brand new sewing machine, Converted the spare room into Sewing World - (where men fear to tread) my head was exploding with ideas and I had a massive fabric stash, Why not!? I said! I bought the extra supplies I needed and many many other things I didn't, but..who can resist anything in those fabric stores.
But...even as I was setting back towards home...Doubts crept in...What if the stuff I think is cute/cool/good really isn't. What if they think handmade is stingy? What if my stitching isn't perfect. Will they notice if I make a mistake!? What will I do if it doesn't work out!?
Making things for other people takes a whole lot of effort and a whole lot of time and a whole lot of weird apprehension. When it's for yourself you don't feel nervous about it, but for other people it brings on anxiety!
I had waited until the last day of work for the school year (Yesterday) before starting to sew for Christmas. The theory was then I could work on each one uninterrupted...was this a mistake!? Should I have started weeks ago...Probably! That only leaves me..hmmm 9 days! But hell, 9 days of sewing, with no work sounds like pure heaven at this point in the year! Wouldn't it be easier just to go buy some stuff someone said.... When I looked at the mall and all the thousands of people I'd have to fight and/or wait in line with just to buy stuff I still wouldn't be sure anyone actually wanted for 10 times the price it should be...I heard a big resounding NO! leap from my mouth...And just wouldn't be as fun.