Sunday, December 27, 2009

Boxing Day Clean up

Oh Lord! Today is the big cleanup after the fact. The piles of material on top of the work table (used in the past few days).

It's also been noticed that most of my fabric stash is hanging out in piles in washing baskets, on the Futon or in enormous plastic boxes under the work table, or in plastic shopping bags waiting to be washed. Most of what came from mum is in those huge plastic storage boxes. This is from when we moved house several years ago. I can never find anything and I've forgotten most of the stuff I have and more importantly - if I have to climb under that table to retrieve the big boxes to look for stuff - I just don't bother.
So..Today's the day, possibly the week. We bought 4 lots of those cheap put together plastic draw units from the bargain stores. I've had 2 put together for a little while with cottons and ribbons in it, but we've had to buy two more. They can sit on top the filing cabinets. more bending or climbing under the table! YAY! And so today is wash fold and sort the fabric and find everything a home. If this rain holds off things might actually dry!