Friday, December 25, 2009

Hilda and Henly - Nice to meet you

Hilda and Henly, These two are for my cousins recently arrived baby MissT I'll need to manipulate the stuffing a little as I can see now they are little wonky, but they should come good. I've also been getting more and more frustrated with the applique, the satin stitch kept getting caught on the foot. My old machine had a dedicated embroidery foot that was all open at the front. This new Bernina didn't come with annoying! I've ordered the proper Embroidery foot...Once all the shops and suppliers open again sometime into the new year. Apparently the Bernina #20 Embroidery foot as well as being open so I can actually see where I'm stitching! also has a wedge tunnel underneath to allow for the thicker Satin Stitch stitches without getting stuck. I hope the new foot arrives soon and works...because I'd love my stitches to look better.