Friday, December 25, 2009

Meet Hendrik and Hilary

Hendrik and Hilary Have been made for my niece MissR for Christmas, Again using the Hector the Giraffe pattern from the book Softies. You should check out some of the amazing Softies on Flickr, that the creator of Hector has made..shes amazing! Check out her Blog too.
The fabric I used on Hilary's arms, legs, antenna and tail was left over from fabric my mum used to make dolls pram Sheets, pillows and mattress covers when My Sister was about 4 years old, now her little girl gets it on her Hilary...totally by accident..I only realised I'd done it, when I took this photo.
I love the striped Hendrik though! He's cute and aloof and I love the colours! Not long until Christmas, a few more to go!