Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Still in a mess

Well the sewing room is in a tizz still. It's actually looking a little bit worse than before I started the "cleanup". I got quite a lot of washing and folding done yesterday, but no more washing can be done today due to weather and apathy ;) It wont hurt not to do it for a while either as I managed to hurt my back when I was in there all day yesterday. I also forgot today was a public holiday and nothing is open, especially not the chemist..whoops. iMac is in Australia too, it just wont be delivered until tomorrow because of the public holiday! Nothing to be done today except lay on lounge and soak in the cricket.
In the wee Early of this morning towards the end of our Big Bang Theory marathon..(those guys are hilarious and just the thing to perk you up) and now mentioned to distract you from enquiring about my sewing room cleanup, look over here I made something

He's an Arno Cat from the Softies book. He took 10 minutes to cut out (but at the same time I cut out 6 more of various scrap fabrics) and about 30 minutes to embroider, sew up and stuff.